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OEM/ODM service

As more and more application customers gradually turn the purchasing goal purchasing in standardization hardware equipments into purchasing in ODM/OEM customization of satisfying applications and requirements. SunPc commits to use its specialized hardware production techniques and software development abilities to build most appropriate dedicated computing platforms for a variety of applications of industries. According to customer’s actual requirements of application, and from product design, production to integration, SunPc always satisfies all customers’ required functions and features utmost.

SunPc devote to provide close solutions of application requirements for customers, so as to reduce costs in RD and applications, and make customers grow benefits with SunPc together.


Customization/ OEM products


Design of chassis appearance(Color、pattern and logo)
Design of structure cooling
EMC design
Fully new customization and development
BIOS changing
Motherboard application function optimization
Customization of special bus

Developing and testing of simulating application environments
Reducing and optimization of operate system
Testing and analyzing of application programs


OEM service process

Initial intention establishing
Confirm all product specification and user right application information.

Design solutions confirming
Our sales engineers and production engineers will cooperate with you according to your provided application requirements to exactly define requirements and the best way of satisfying requirements. In the last, Our product architect will complete a design document for you soon. After passed your confirmed, we will sign a contract and establish cooperation for each other.

Sample testing
According to design document requirements, SunPc will exactly produce an equipment as an initial sample that is satisfy your requirements.Then, Our customers will have a opportunity to get an initial sample system, for they can test and check it in predetermined conditions of environments.

Close cooperating

After the sample passes your testing and confirming, we confirms the customized products’ batch, quantity, delivery time and method, payment, and other relative things for each other, and signs a contract.

OEM/ODM customization Advantages
The OEM/ODM customization is not a simple system manufacturing and processing. It contains all processes that are involved in hardware processes of application solution. As long as you contact our expert team, your ideals and conceptions can be integrated in your hardware platforms, so as to provide the unique solution for you. Indeed, only having characteristic-self, the product can have the most space of rising. From planning, design to production, You will fully realize creative glamour everywhere!